Dr. Irakusne Lopez

Dr. Irakusne Lopez

Key Account Manager

Irakusne is responsible of the EMEA key accounts in pharma market at Mestrelab. She manages and develops a portfolio of products designed to suit the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Before joining Mestrelab, Irakusne worked as a Business developer manager and Senior Chemist for a CRO industry in UK, which allowed her to develop a deeper understanding on the pharma industry needs.

Irakusne holds a PhD with Unanimous Summa Cum Laude honours, along with the award of “European Doctorate” in Organic Synthetic Chemistry from Jaume I University (Spain). During her Postdoctoral position she worked on Synthesis of Spiroletin analogues and Synthesis and evaluation of second generation of inhibitors of α-tubulin.

She has published more than 7 of either book chapters or papers on internationally refereed journals. Her scientific expertise covers highly stereoselective multi-step organic synthesis background, carbohydrate chemistry and medicinal chemistry as well as instrumental analytical techniques knowledge as multinuclear NMR, GC/MS, HPLC and IR.