Isaac Iglesias

Issac Iglesias

Software Developer

Isaac was born in Vigo in 1978. He received his degree in Physics from the University of Santiago de Compostela in 2001, and began working in the Electronic Department of the same university researching the field of signal processing. In 2004, under the supervision of Carlos Cobas, Isaac began working in the NMR laboratory of the University of Santiago, specializing in NMR signal processing and becoming familiar with the MestReC project. In 2005 he joined Mestrelab Research, where he became part of the development team responsible for the first version of MestReNova. His development activities in the company cover a wide range of NMR processing and analysis tools. He is reponsible for Linux packaging, NMR Prediction integration, the Reaction Monitoring module and the Mnova for tablets user interface and Android Packaging.